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10 Recent Articles on Design

  • Tips for Game Design and Website Enhancement (Layout) Most of the online games created in the early Internet days were nothing to write home about. Game design was normally terrible and the graphics were almost undistinguishable. Fortunately, the game designing world and concepts of website enhancement have advanced greatly due to certain tips.
  • Good Web Design Considerations (Presenting Data) Your business is represented to the world online through your website. It's a brochure that any potential customer, anywhere and at any time can view and decide whether your company is the right one for them. Therefore it is of the upmost importance that your web site practices good web design techniques which will enable your company's site to get the maximum amount of traffic, therefore making the maximum amount of profit.
  • Your Visitors Need Guidance. Don't Let Them Down! (Presenting Data) Not everyone how lands on your Website is an experienced surfer, and even those who are Web savvy often require some sort of direction to help them get the most of your presentation. Your results depend on whether or not your visitors understand clearly what you want them to do.
  • Bells And Whistles - Does Your Site Really Need Them? (Graphics) Current graphics technology is awesome, and I love a good video game. But market testing has proven Websites that go overboard with graphic design and special effects actually convert far fewer sales than sites with clean, attractive layouts that do not interfere with the most important element – the content!