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  • 10 Quick Tips For Making Your Large Graphics Load Faster There's nothing worse then having to sit and wait while the images are loading on your webpages. We've become a society of convenience with microwaves, instant soup and lightening fast servers. We want things in the blink of an eye.
  • Bells And Whistles - Does Your Site Really Need Them? Current graphics technology is awesome, and I love a good video game. But market testing has proven Websites that go overboard with graphic design and special effects actually convert far fewer sales than sites with clean, attractive layouts that do not interfere with the most important element the content!
  • Fun with Photoshop Converting a color image into a professional quality black and white one.
  • How Favicons Work A favicon is a tiny graphic that replaces the standard web page icon in your browser's Address bar. It also appears in the Favorites menu when your web site is bookmarked.
  • Building Icons An icon is a small image that represents a function or group. For example, you click on a picture of a printer when you want to print a document from your computer, or a green thumb to find web sites about gardening. A great icon has the ability to instantly tell the viewer its purpose.