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The Flash Anthology

by Bravenet.com

Summary : Steve Grosvenor brings you a new Sitepoint book on Flash, "The Flash Anthology". Now you can easily learn how to create cool effects, unique navigation menus, and much more. As a special offer, we would like you to preview four chapters for FREE!

The Flash Anthology

by Steve Grosvenor

Another great book brought to you by SitePoint!

Site point has released a new book about Flash. Whether you are a beginner or a pro at Flash, this book will be very helpful for you.

This book is perfect for webmasters new to the Internet scene and need a little oomph in their website, or for webmasters that just want new ideas and concepts for their website.

We are offering you 4 FREE sample chapters so that you can get the feel for the book before you buy it. Learn what the book is about and see if its teaching technique is for you!

The book covers many topics:

  • Over 60 unique effects
  • Customize effects in many ways
  • Access to all code used in the book
  • Learn Flash Navigation
  • Master Flash animation
  • Publish video and audio files
  • Professional tips

Not sure you want to try the free chapters?

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