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by Courtnie Croft

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Summary : Here are some books that we believe to be excellent webmaster resources. Have a browse through the descriptions of each and see what you could learn!

The ultimate guide to getting started with HTML and CSS

Want to build your very first web site, but not sure where to start? Considering a career involving web design? Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS is the most easy to understand, fun, and comprehensive guide to learning the fundamentals of web development - HTML and CSS. Join web development guru Ian Lloyd (of Accessify and Britpack fame) as you build a complete, fully functional web site from the ground up.

Learn how to create slick, interactive websites using modern JavaScript programming techniques.

*Note: includes FREE 'JavaScript & DOM Poster' valued at $9.95 -- while stocks last.

Firefox Secrets

By Cheah Chu Yeow

Firefox Secrets

Take control over your browser! Learn how to customise every aspect of Firefox, making browsing more productive.

*Note: Includes FREE CD-ROM with Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, 6 Firefox Themes and 22 Extensions.

Learn to build a future-proof, flexible content management system based on XML, using PHP.

*Note: Buy this book and receive a FREE PHP Quick Reference Poster -- valued at $9.95.

Everything you need to create standards compliant, cross-browser compatible websites with Dreamweaver 8.

Learn to build a complete website with Dreamweaver, fully CSS and XHTML compliant.

Take control with the Ultimate JavaScript Toolkit!

Following the same format as SitePoint's hugely popular The CSS Anthology, The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks provides you with tried and tested real-world solutions to your web scripting problems -- plug them straight into your own web sites and they're ready to go!

*Free Gift: Choose any one of SitePoint's four Quick Reference Posters with your purchase (choose from DHTML, CSS, PHP or Linux).

Learn how to use CSS to build SEO-friendly and forwards-compatible web page designs quickly and easily.

*Note: includes FREE wall poster of your choice valued at $9.95.

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