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Perfection Is Overrated

by Tim Whiston

Summary : When it comes to launching an online business venture, perfection is overrated.

When it comes to launching an online business venture, perfection is overrated.

Of course you want a solid product, a great looking Website, and lots of compelling content to promote your cause. But don’t lose valuable time obsessing over the absolute perfection of all the details.

Things move fast in cyberspace, and it’s crucial that you get your ideas out the front door quickly. It does your business no good at all to have the perfect model sitting on a development server while your competition is giving the market what it wants.

Get used to the idea of moving quickly, going live with your ideas, and tweaking as you go. This is not to say you should rush to launch a site that isn’t complete; but too many online marketers go way beyond finished because they’re hung up on the idea of perfection.

Take the Windows operating system for example. It’s fair to say this resource is far from perfect. In fact you might even say the latest version could have benefited from a few more weeks in beta before being released.

Microsoft is the perfect example of moving forward with “good” and working toward perfect once your product is on the market. Despite glitches that still need to be worked out this company remains wildly profitable.

Truthfully, most of the market won’t even notice the minor blemishes on your Website or digital product. Most people are looking for a basic solution to their problems, and not the pinnacle of flawlessness.

You can have anywhere from 5 to 20 people not associated with your business review your finished site or product and offer feedback. If most of the reviews are positive and no totally glaring problems are found you have a winner that should be rolled out.

Minor improvements can be made and released as version 2, 3, and so on. When you think about it, nothing is really ever finished.

You’ll probably be updating your site and improving your product for the rest of your career. So know when to call it good and make it available to the public.

Tim Whiston is a professional entrepreneur who enjoys helping other entrepreneurs achieve success. Check out his Entrepreneurship ezine, and download his Web Design Course for more great content.