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  • DNS Explained DNS. What a hard thing to understand. There are so many components to it, but what is it? This article will take a friendly look at Domain Name Servers and what their role is.
  • Introduction to Domain Names Domains are a tricky subject. They seem very straight forward, but after you have purchased one, you slowly begin to realize that there is so much more to them than you had thought. We will take a short look at domain names in this article.
  • Domains When people hear the word domain they immediately think of a country or kingdom ruled by a governing body. When we talk about a domain on the Internet the meaning is very similar as it refers to a specific virtual area within the Internet. In fact we visit them everyday when we surf the web and you are currently in the www.bravenet.com domain. We're glad you're here! In this article I hope to share a little more information about how the domain system works and how you can become a king or queen of your own Internet property!