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Glamour Images

by Gary Bernstein

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Summary : In this Tip, we're going to talk about making glamour and beauty photographs.

I recently shot a glamour session for a cosmetic and beauty company. The session produced some still advertising and brochure photographs for the client.

In this Tip, we're going to talk about making glamour and beauty photographs.

Notice, however, that in each case (in every photograph) I crop and compose the image so the eyes of the subject always appear in the top third of the composition. That is one of the elements that gives your photographs strength.
Let's look at some others...

In the photograph below of Dorothy...
Which was made with an inexpensive 3 light strobe kit, I placed one of the stobes bare at 11:00 (meaning slightly to the left of, and behind my camera) which is what gives the hard shadow around the subject's nose. And if you look carefully at the picture you will see the highlights at approximately 11:00 in her eyes. Notice how evenly I have lit her face (from side to side). This is called glamour lighting or butterfly lighting - when the light is at or very close to 12:00 (meaning that if you look at the surface of the eye as a clock, the main highlight in the eye (called a "catchlight') will be at the 12:00 position).

A second strobe in a small white umbrella was placed low and also to camera left, to soften the contrast slightly, and to fill in shadows under the subject's eyes. It also adds a second catchlight to the eye. The more catchlights the more I like it - as there is that much more "sparkle" to the image.


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