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Accepting Credit Cards Online

by Bruce Whitehead

Summary : You can substantially boost your business website sales by being able to accept major credit card payments through your website.

Customers visiting your site like the online purchase protection offered through credit card companies and will be much more likely to purchase your product or service using their credit card, than purchasing through other means like money orders or personal checks.

Merchants prefer credit card purchases too, since the payment is immediate and usually does not require clearance through a bank or other financial institution.

Until recently, though, setting up an online credit card processing system was prohibitively complicated and expensive for most web entrepreneurs. At one time each Merchant had to secure a Merchant Account with an authorized financial agent, purchase special software to process credit cards, and so on.

Setting up a business with credit card processing has become infinitely easier now with online processing companies like PayPal, StormPay, Moneybank and 2checkOut providing simple and easy payment processing services that anyone with an email address can access and setup on their website.

You can even get extended payment processing options like full featured shopping carts that you can add to your site, through many of these service providers. What used to take many thousands of dollars, and months of preparation, to do now takes little more than a few minutes of your time to accomplish.

However, these providers do levy a small fee (usually on a per-transaction basis) and may also have additional service fees depending on the number of transactions you generate or the overall amount of money charged through their system.

While the ease and convenience of these systems is very attractive to the average new web entrepreneur with a limited budget, it is important to make sure you read the User Agreements carefully so that you are always aware of any service charges or conditions that may occur in your account. Nobody wants unexpected surprises!

If you are careful and stay informed about your providers services, this can be a very easy and profitable way to provide credit card processing to your customers on your website!