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Business Webhosting

by Bruce Whitehead

Summary : One of the great myths of the web says that anyone can put up a website and make a million dollars, with little or no effort. In the very early days of the Web Boom years that may have been partially true, but not anymore.

The first step you need, to put your business on the Web, is a website.

To put a website online, you first need to find a Web Hosting company. There are literally thousands of website hosting companies on the web. There are companies who will host your website for free, or very close to free!

You can register with a free host and put up a site and be ready to start conducting business almost immediately. Hosting on a free hosting web site does have the benefit of being easy on the wallet, but it also has a few drawbacks you should be aware of too.

Free hosting companies don't host websites out of the goodness of their hearts, they are in the business to make money, like every other company out there. Free hosts make money selling advertising space on all of their customers pages, to cover the costs of providing the service.

However, you usually have no control over the type of ad appearing on your page, or the company being advertised. You could wind up with ads you don't like, or even with one of your competitors ads being shown on your web pages.

Besides the fact that customers are much less likely to take your business website seriously when it is festooned with someone elses ads. A lot of free website hosting packages tend to have issues with reliability and performance, getting decent support when you encounter problems, and so on.

Where business is concerned, the old axiom is true... you do indeed get what you pay for. The very best way to get started in business on the web is to get a good paid webhosting account. You can almost always store more pages, get access to better service and support from the hosting company, and get much more robust and useful features for your new website.

A professional looking website with no 3rd party advertisements, good performance, reliability and extra features mean an environment that your customers will enjoy and return to a lot more often. A happy and relaxed customer is a buying customer!

Choosing to pay for your web hosting services, at the very start, can significantly increase your chance of building a successful and thriving online business.

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