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Get A Good Domain Name

by Bruce Whitehead

Summary : If you are going to conduct business on the Web, it is very important to establish a credible presence for your business. The first step in establishing your business is to choose and register your own website domain name.

Marketing studies have consistently shown that site visitors are much more likely to buy a product from a website with a .com, or .biz domain name, than they would be if you were using a free host with a long and hard to remember web address.

Perception is the key here, and visitors are much more likely to trust your business if you have an identifiable domain.

However, good domain names are becoming increasingly hard to register since so many of them are already taken. Thousands of domains are registered every day.

Webmasters are being forced to be a lot more creative when deciding on a name for their website.

Domain names should be as short as you can manage, and easy to remember. Choose a name that is easy to spell, since visitors may have to manually type it into their browsers.

If you have trouble finding a domain name that is available for your business, don't give up. Be creative! If you sell widgets cheaply, you could try several variations on the theme. For example, if cheapwidgets.com is already gone, try looking for alternatives like:

  • widgetsforless.com
  • widgets4less.com
  • widgetsonsale.com
  • budgetwidgets.com

With a little care and a little creativity you should be able to find a suitable name for your online business.

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