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Don't Build Keyword List Without A Research

by RingJohn

Summary : If you look for "keyword research" on the search engines, you will get thousands of results. There are countless resources emphasizing the benefits of keyword research.

If you look for "keyword research" on the search engines, you will get thousands of results. There are countless resources emphasizing the benefits of keyword research. Why is keyword research important? Because it is the way by which you can come up with a targeted keyword list.

Targeted keyword list is important in optimising a website for the search engines. It is equally important in setting up a performing pay per click campaign. If a website wants to rank high on organic search results, it must have an optimised content. To get this optimised content, the website needs relevant keywords. This is something that can be achieved after a thorough research.

The same thing goes for PPC campaigns. A successful campaign is one wherein the ads appear every time the target market search for the products and services offered by the advertiser. If the advertiser uses relevant and targeted keywords, chances are the ads will be viewed and most likely clicked by its target market.

The search engines put heavy weight on keywords. When spidering a website, the search engines read over the text and go over the keywords. Because keywords are crucial, you simply can't create a list of it without a thorough research. It is not about giving the search engines any word that you can think of.

How To Perform Keyword Research

Now that we have established the importance of keyword research, it is time to know how to actually conduct one. Firstly, you need to prepare a list of keywords or key phrases that your target market will most likely search for when looking for your products and services. Always go for specific words. The fact is that most online searchers use specific keywords to look for their particular need. When they need to look for "internet marketing statistics UK" for instance, they will use this keyword phrase instead of "internet marketing" alone. The latter is a broad term that may yield untargeted results.

Secondly, after you have come up with your list, identify the demand and supply for those keywords. How many online users are actually searching for those keywords? And how many websites are using those keywords? If there is more supply than demand, there is only a very little chance for the keyword to be effective in your website.

Lastly, create a new list of all the potential keywords with high demand yet low supply. These keywords should be the ones to be used in your website and PPC campaign. Constantly monitor the performance of your keywords and also be in regular lookout for more potential keywords. The internet is constantly changing - even the need for keywords change - and you have to keep up with that.

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