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We all know about S.E.O. but what is C.S.O.?

by Nicholas Busbee

Summary : I've said it before, keywords, meta tags and advertisements are great for getting visitors to your website. But they will not sell products or services.

C.S.O. is "Common Sense Optimization."

I've said it before, keywords, meta tags and advertisements are great for getting visitors to your website. But they will not sell products or services.

Converting visitors into customers takes "C.S.O." Common Sense Optimization. In order to have higher website sales conversion rates, you must optimize your content for the human mind.

What I mean by that is, we need to write our content to appeal to the psychological side of selling. A great deal of a potential customers decisions to make a purchase are based on emotional factors.

Now let me clearly state that I am in no way suggesting that anyone try to manipulate another person's emotions for personal gain. That would not be a good thing to do.

But as online entrepreneurs, I believe we do have to recognize emotional factors at the point of sale.

We do not have the advantage of a smiling face, firm handshake, or a pleasant customer service representative on our websites.

And most of us do not have famous celebrities to represent our products. But what we do all have is "personality." So, what is the most efficient way to develop "Web Personality?"

I'm glad you asked! Always remember this...

"In life the best way to demonstrate your greatest qualities, (your personality) is to show concern for others." And I don't mean from a business perspective. I'm talking about from a personal perspective.

When you develop your content, no matter what you are selling, try to write your content from a "in your customers best interest perspective." Every topic that you approach, try to write it from your customers best interest perspective.

Everytime we make a purchase, it changes our lives. It either adds something to our lives or it takes something away from us. Some purchases take money away from us.

And some purchases give us peace of mind, prestige, entertainment, comfort, knowledge, companionship, and assistance.

If you'll notice, none of these are material things. They can all be gained through material things (temporarily) but basically these are all internal stimuli. Subject to the eye of the beholder.

Whatever it is that you are selling, IS going to change the purchasers life. One way or another.

Your content needs to emphasize the many different levels your product or service, can improve their lives on.

To optimize your copy for people you have to find out what most people have in common, with each other. What DO most people have in common?

I'm glad you asked!

Feelings. Feelings. Feelings!

We all have FEELINGS. Just in different proportions!

Next time we will discuss exactly how we can develop our copy to give the highest priority to how our customers may be "feeling" at the point of purchase and when they initially get to our landing pages. Thanks fo your attention.

What is C.S.O.? "Common Sense Optimization."

Nicholas Busbee has been in Sales, Public Speaking to groups of up to and over 20,000 people, and Radio Broadcasting from Classic Rock & Roll to Hip Hop & R+B, for over 25 years. His website helps people start their own home based business selling software,ebooks and instructional videos. www.bestcoolwebsitetools.com

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