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Website Traffic: Build It And They Won't Come

by Tim Whiston

Summary : The term "build it and they will come" does not apply to Websites. In fact, nobody will even know your new site exists unless you proactively inform him or her.

The term "build it and they will come" does not apply to Websites. In fact, nobody will even know your new site exists unless you proactively inform him or her.

The Web is unlike the brick and mortar business world where we can actually see a new store being built. In cyberspace, thousands of new sites go up every day and we never see most of them.

The majority of new Webmasters have no idea how to get visitors to their site. While it's not terribly difficult to generate traffic, the critical point to remember is that you must actively invite prospects to your site, at least in the beginning.

There are many different ways you can do this. Some methods of bringing visitors to your Website are free, and other tactics will require a little money.

You can purchase a press release to inform your target market about your new site. This can easily bring hundreds, maybe even thousands of visitors right away.

And you can buy ad space in ezines and newsletters related to your site's content. This is a great way to invite highly targeted prospects to your landing pages.

Also, you can write articles and submit them to directories, blogs, and other Websites. Over time this is one of the most effective methods of all for creating Web traffic.

Many online marketers also purchase traffic directly from search engines like Google and Yahoo. This is done via PPC (pay per click) advertising, whereby you write an ad, choose some keywords, and then bid a certain amount of money on each keyword. Your ads will then be shown in the search results and each time a user clicks to your site from there you will pay the bid amount. Paid search traffic can be very targeted, but can also get very expensive quickly.

In addition to these and other good methods, don't neglect the value of offline promotion. Business cards, flyers, phone book ads, newspaper spots, radio, and even television promotions can be acquired for less than you might expect, and all such methods are viable for bringing visitors to your Web pages.

Over time your efforts will result in a steady flow of passive traffic for your site. But in the beginning it's critical that you take massive action to build and maintain a healthy flow of traffic.

Clearly, traffic is the lifeblood of any business. So it would be a great idea for you to draw up a complete traffic generation strategy before your site is even finished.

One of the main factors in success/failure of online business ventures is the ability of a Webmaster to drive sufficient traffic. I urge you to give this aspect of your business the proper attention, and to be prepared to invest substantial time and money in a strong traffic generation plan.

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