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10 Recent Articles on Site Building

  • Tables Bad, CSS Good (CSS) Why do we (web developers) use tables??? Yes they make for fantastic designs and organized websites but they are not for this purpose. A table should be used for TABULAR DATA not design and layout.
  • The Major Benefits of Layouts in CSS (CSS) One of the major features of CSS is the possibility to control page layout without needing to use presentational tools. However, CSS layout has gained a rather undeserved reputation of being difficult, particularly among those who are studying this language for the first time.
  • Forms - Reset Button (HTML) The Reset button is a handy option you can give to visitors so they can easily clear your form if they have made a mistake and want to start over.
  • Forms - Submit Button (HTML) The final step in building a form is providing visitors with a button they can click on that will submit the information they have added to your form.
  • Forms - Dropdown Menu (HTML) The dropdown menu displays a list of selectable options in a small input field that can be dropped down to reveal multiple options.