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  • Tables Bad, CSS Good Why do we (web developers) use tables??? Yes they make for fantastic designs and organized websites but they are not for this purpose. A table should be used for TABULAR DATA not design and layout.
  • The Major Benefits of Layouts in CSS One of the major features of CSS is the possibility to control page layout without needing to use presentational tools. However, CSS layout has gained a rather undeserved reputation of being difficult, particularly among those who are studying this language for the first time.
  • 4 Reasons That You Should Start Using Css Today CSS is the simplest way to create attractive, quality web pages. Unfortunately, many people are still attempting to control the structure and presentation of their web pages with only HTML.
  • The Body Tag; Deprecated Attributes A lot of the websites you see out there have a lot of attributes in their BODY tag, but how many of those attributes are actually valid; bgcolor; alink; link.. How about none of the above?
  • Styling Lists You may have already read our article on 'Understanding and Using Lists', but how do you make them more pleasing to look at? This article will step you through the process of adding simple styles to your lists using CSS.
  • Inserting Style Sheets When you decide that it is time to use style sheets with your webpage, you'll have to ask yourself "How should I insert my cascading style sheet?"
  • Divs and Spans; What's the Difference? Ever wonder what the differences were between divs and spans? This article steps you through what a div is, what a span is and what the difference is.