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  • Learn HTML - Understanding The Basic Structure To learn HTML you must first understand the basic structure of this markup language. This article will get you ready to dive right in and start working with HTML to build your own great Website.
  • Forms - Reset Button The Reset button is a handy option you can give to visitors so they can easily clear your form if they have made a mistake and want to start over.
  • Forms - Submit Button The final step in building a form is providing visitors with a button they can click on that will submit the information they have added to your form.
  • Forms - Dropdown Menu The dropdown menu displays a list of selectable options in a small input field that can be dropped down to reveal multiple options.
  • Forms - Radiobuttons The radiobutton is used to give a visitor the ability to choose one option from a selection of many options.
  • Forms - Checkboxes The checkbox input form element allows visitors to choose many options from a list with many options. This is handy for surveys and polls where a question can have more than one possible answer.
  • Forms - Textarea Fields The textarea tag creates a multi-line input text field that allows visitors to add a lot more text than the normal input fields will allow.
  • Forms - Hidden Input Fields The Hidden Input field is not displayed on the page, so it does not allow visitors to add anything into it.
  • Forms - Password Input Fields The Password Input field allows visitors to type a 'masked password into the field. The actual text they type into the field is replaced with asterisks, or dots, so that the password is not visible.
  • Document Types Not many Webmasters know the importance of proper DOCTYPE Declarations, nor do they even know what they are! So what is this 'DOCTYPE'? We'll take a look at what they are in this article.
  • Replacing The Font Tag Although it is widely used, the font tag is deprecated. If you catch yourself using a <font> tag, you should read this article and make sure that your website is up to date!

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