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Quick Reference Sheets for Webmasters

Quick Reference sheets are packed full of useful information for all webmasters.

HTML Reference Sheet

HTML Tag List

Here you can find a complete HTML Tag list explaining all attributes of each tag and some real world samples.

<!-- -->
→  This sets a author comment not visible by the browser.

→  This defines an anchor or link to another document or file.inline

→  This sets abbreviated text with options to define the text.inline

→  This tag defines an acronym with attributes to define it.inline

→  This is used to define an address to be shown in italics.block-level

→  The <area> tag defines an area within an image map.inline

→  This element defines a base URL for all links on your page.inline

→  Defines the direction of text to be displayed.inline

→  Defines text to be relatively bigger than the default text.inline

→  This tag defines a block to use for long quotation.block-level

→  The BODY tag defines the document's body.

→  The BR tag inserts a single line break.inline

→  This element defines a push button such as that in a form.block-level/inline

→  The caption element defines a heading to display per table.inline

→  This element defines a citation.inline

→  This sets text to appear as computer code.inline

→  The col tag defines attribute values for columns.inline

→  This tag defines a group of table columns.inline

→  This element defines a definition description.inline

→  The DEL tag defines deleted text.block-level/inline

→  This tag defines a definition term.inline

→  This tag defines a section or division of a document.block-level

→  The DL element defines a definition list.block-level

→  This tag defines a definition within a definition list.block-level

→  This tag will set text to be emphasized.inline

→  This tag defines a fieldset box.block-level

→  This tag creates a form which allows user input.block-level

→  This tag defines a frame or sub-window.inline

→  This element defines a frameset.block-level

→  These group of elements define headings.block-level

→  This defines the head of your document.

→  This element inserts a horizontal rule.inline

→  This element defines a html document.

→  This tag creates an inline frame.block-level/inline

→  The IMG tag defines an image to display.inline

→  This tag defines an input field for forms.inline

→  Specifies inserted text.inline

→  Specifies keyboard text.inline

→  This specifies a label for a form control.inline

→  This tag sets a caption for a fieldset box.inline

→  The LI element defines a list item.block-level

→  Defines a relationship between two documents.inline

→  Specifies a client-side image map.block-level/inline

→  The meta tag defines meta information about your page.

→  This displays alternate content for no frame support.block-level

→  This displays alternate content for no scripting support.block-level

→  This tag sets an embedded object.block-level/inline

→  The OL element defines an ordered list.block-level

→  This sets an option group for a select box.inline

→  Defines an option within a select box in a form.inline

→  Defines a paragraph block.block-level

→  This element specifies parameters for an object.inline

→  This tag defines preformatted text.block-level

→  Defines a short quotation of text.inline

→  Defines sample computer code.inline

→  Defines a client-side script.block-level/inline

→  This element defines a select field for a form.inline

→  Defines a smaller text.inline

→  Defines a section of a document.inline

→  Defines strong emphasis of text.inline

→  This tag defines a style for your document.

→  This sets text to appear in subscript.inline

→  This sets text to appear in superscript.inline

→  This defines a table containing rows and cells.block-level

→  Defines a table body group.block-level

→  Defines a cell within a table.block-level

→  This defines a textarea within a form.inline

→  Defines a table footer group.block-level

→  Defines a header cell within a table.block-level

→  Defines a table header group.block-level

→  This tag defines the title of the document.

→  This element defines a table row.block-level

→  This tag defines truetype text.inline

→  This defines an unordered list.block-level

→  This tag defines a variable.inline