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Quick Reference Sheets for Webmasters

Quick Reference sheets are packed full of useful information for all webmasters.

HTML Reference Sheet

HTML Tag List

This will define the attribute values for columns in a table. This element must be contained within the colgroup tag.

Value(s) : left | right | center | justify | char
This attribute defines the horizontal alignment of the content contained within a column of a table.
Value(s) : character
This sets a character to use to align text in combination with the align="char" attribute
Value(s) : pixels | percent
This defines the alignment offset used in combination with the char and align="char" attributes.
Value(s) : number
This attribute sets the number of columns the col should span across.
Value(s) : top | middle | bottom | baseline
The VALIGN attribute defines the vertical alignment of the content within the table cell as defined by the column.
Value(s) : pixels | percent | relative unit
This will set the width of the column.
<colgroup span="2">
<col width="10%">
<col width="50%">
<td>width of content</td>
<td>width of content</td>