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Quick Reference sheets are packed full of useful information for all webmasters.

HTML Reference Sheet

HTML Tag List

The frame tag defines a sub window of a frameset.

Value(s) : 0 | 1
Sets whether to use borders or not.
Value(s) : URL
This attribute defines a URL that contains a long description of the frame. This is useful for browsers that do not support frames.
Value(s) : pixel
Sets the top and bottom margins of the frame.
Value(s) : pixel
Sets the left and right margins.
Value(s) : frame name
Defines a unique name for the frame and is used in combination with the target attribute for links and forms. target="frameName"
Value(s) : noresize
This attribute defines that the frame cannot be resized.
Value(s) : yes | no | auto
This attribute controls the scrolling characteristics of the frame. AUTO setting will only scroll when the contents overflow the frame buffer or dimensions.
Value(s) : URL
The SRC attribute defines the URL of the document to include in the frame.
<frameset rows="20%,80%">
<frame src="menu.html" name="menu">
<frame src="body.html" name="dbody">