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Quick Reference Sheets for Webmasters

Quick Reference sheets are packed full of useful information for all webmasters.

HTML Reference Sheet

HTML Tag List

The IMG tag defines an image to display in the current location of the document. It is important to remember that not all browsers support images and you should specify alternative text to display using the ALT attribute.

Value(s) : alternative text
This attribute defines alternative text to display if the browser does not support images. Also, the alt attribute will display a pop description of the image when it is moused over.
Value(s) : URL
The URL to the image that will be displayed.
Value(s) : pixels | percent
Sets the height of the image in pixels or percent value.
Value(s) : pixels | percent
Specifies the widht of the image.
Value(s) : URL
Set the image to be a server-side image map.
Value(s) : URL
A link to a page that describes the image.
Value(s) : URL
Set the image to be a client-side image map to be used in combination with the MAP element.
<img src="pathto/someimage.gif" width="200" height="80" alt="Alternative Text">