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Quick Reference sheets are packed full of useful information for all webmasters.

HTML Reference Sheet

HTML Tag List

This element defines an input field where the user can insert data to be used in forms.

Value(s) : mime type(s)
This attribute defines the accepted mime types of the file. The mime types can be a list of comma-separated types. This attribute is ONLY used with type="file"
Value(s) : left | right | top | texttop | middle | baseline | bottom
This attribute is ONLY used in combination with type="image" to align the text following the image.
Value(s) : alternative text
This defines alternative text to display in place of the image. Used ONLY with type="image".
Value(s) : checked
Defines if a radio button or checkbox is checked when it is loaded. Only used with type="radio" and type="checkbox".
Value(s) : disabled
Disables an input field so that a user cannot select it or input to it.
Value(s) : length
This specifies the maximum number of characters in length that an input field will accept.
Value(s) : field name
This sets a unique name for the input field which will be used in server or client side scripting for direct access to that input fields value.
Value(s) : readonly
Sets the input fields value to be read only which means it cannot be modified but it can be selected.
Value(s) : length
This defines the size of the input field based off a number of characters.
Value(s) : URL
Specifies the URL to an image to display. Only used with type="image".
Value(s) : button | checkbox | file | hidden | image | password | radio | reset | submit | text
This sets the type for your input element with a default value of "text".
Value(s) : value
This attribute sets the value for the input field.
<input type="text" name="fullName" value="Your Name">