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Quick Reference Sheets for Webmasters

Quick Reference sheets are packed full of useful information for all webmasters.

HTML Reference Sheet

HTML Tag List

The script tag allows you to define or source a client-side scripting language to do dynamic functions that HTML cannot do.

Value(s) : text/ecmascript | text/javascript | text/jscript | text/vbscript | text/vbs | text/xml
This defines the MIME type of the script.
Value(s) : charset
Specifies the character enoding of the script.
Value(s) : defer
This means that the script that is being called will not efect the loadtime of the page due to the fact that script will not be generating any document.
Value(s) : URL
This is the URL to an external file containing the script source that will be parsed by the script tag.
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="myscript.js"></script>