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HTML Reference Sheet

HTML Tag List

This element defines a table that contains rows and table cells. Tables can contain any other HTML element within each table cell or header including other tables.

Value(s) : thickness in pixels
Defines the thickness of the table border.
Value(s) : pixel | percent
The amount of padding between the cell and it's content.
Value(s) : pixel | percent
The amount of space between each cells outer wall.
Value(s) : above | below | border | box | hsides | lhs | rhs | void | vsides
Specifies the layout of the outer border. Must be used with the border attribute.
Value(s) : all | cols | groups | none | rows
Specifies the layout of the horizontal and vertical dividers. Requires the border attribute.
Value(s) : pixel | percent
Defines the width of the table.
<table border="1" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="1">
<th>This is my table header</th>
<td>This is some content.</td>