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Reset Button

The Reset button is a handy option you can give to visitors so they can easily clear your form if they have made a mistake and want to start over. This is not a required form element.

When a visitor clicks the reset button, the form is cleared and all information added by the visitor is removed from every field in the form and any selections returned to their default values.

Let's write a basic reset button input tag, step by step, to show how the tag is correctly coded. First we start with the opening input tag:


Next we need to define what sort of input field we want to use. In this case we are coding a reset button, so we enter "Reset" as the type:

<input type="reset"

The final step in creating your reset button is to include the text that you wish to display on the button, by adding the text to the value attribute, like this:

<input type="reset" value="Reset">

Here is how the reset button will appear in a form on a webpage: