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FTP Tutorials

Using the Bravenet FTP Applet

Getting Started

You do not have to download a FTP Program in order to use FTP with your website. Bravenet has its own FTP Applet that runs right out of your web browser!

You can access the Bravenet FTP Applet at any time by logging into your Bravenet Account. You can connect to the FTP Applet from a few different places. The easiest is to click the 'ftp' tab at the top and then click the icon under the title 'FTP Applet.' If you have more than one FTP account simply select the one you wish to use. The FTP Applet always starts by asking you for your password.

Once in your 'FTP APplet' you will see the 'Bravenet FTP Java Applet'. A pop up may ask you to download or update Java. You must have Java installed on your computer in order to use this tool. If the 'FTP Applet' does not appear please download Java from here. See example below:


Once you do have Java installed you will get a pop up that asks you if you want to trust the signed applet distributed by 'Bravenet Web Services Inc.' You must click 'Yes' in order to use the Applet. Uploading Files

Uploading your files using the 'Bravenet Upload Tool' is very similar to uploading using a FTP program.

On the left side you will see a pane that says 'Your Computer'. There you can browse through all of the files currently on your computer. To the right there is another pane called 'Web Server'. This is the same as the 'Local Site' and "Remote Site' that you saw using the FTP program.

First of all, in your 'Web Server' pane, you make sure you are inside the main folder of your website (either yourname.bravehost.com, or your domain name). This MUST be done before uploading anything.

To upload a file to your site:

  1. Find the file(s) that you wish to upload on your computer by using the 'Your Computer' pane.
  2. If you want to upload the file(s) to a certain location on your website (ie. a folder called images) make sure you have opened that folder by doubling clicking it in your 'Web Server' pane.
  3. Select the file(s) (click to highlight them).
  4. Click on the upload arrow (arrow pointing to the right). upload

This will then upload the file(s) to your website.

If you need to create a folder in your website, do so by clicking on the 'New Folder' icon new folder at the top right of your 'Web Sever' pane beside the trash can.

REMEMBER: You can upload more then one file at a time! To upload more than one file at a time SHIFT+CLICK all the files (as long as they are grouped together). If the files are not grouped together CTRL+CLICK all the files you wish to upload. Once you have all of the files selected, right click and select upload. You can also upload a folder and all of its contents by selecting the folder.

Downloading Files

You can also use the 'Bravenet Upload Tool' to download files from your website to your computer. When you select a file on your computer, the green arrow in the middle points to the right; indicating that you can upload the file. But when you click a file in your 'Web Sever' pane the green arrow changes to the point to the left; indicating that you can download the file onto your computer.

Downloading files onto your computer works just like uploading. Select the file you wish to download in your 'Web Sever' pane; choose where you want the file to go on 'Your Computer' and click the download arrow download. You can also create a new folder on 'Your Computer' but clicking the 'Create New Folder' icon in the top right of the 'Your Computer' pane (beside the trash can).

Renaming Files

You can rename any file or folder on 'Your Computer' on 'Your Website' by selecting the file you wish to rename and clicking the 'Rename' button rename at the top left to the right of the stop sign.

Deleting Files

You can select any file or folder on either 'Your Computer' or 'Web Sever' and delete it by hitting the 'Delete' button on your keyboard or clicking the 'Trash Can' trash in the top right of the pane. It will not ask you if you are sure you want to delete, it will delete the file immediately so MAKE SURE you want to delete the file before hitting delete or the trash can!